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This is the .gov registrar, where .gov domains are managed. To begin the process of obtaining a .gov domain, visit https://home.dotgov.gov.

.gov is overseen by the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency.


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This is a U.S. government service. Your use indicates your consent to monitoring, recording, and no expectation of privacy. Misuse is subject to criminal and civil penalties.

The .GOV Domain Name Registration website will undergo a scheduled maintenance on Wednesday, March 29, 2023, after 9:00 PM EDT. You may not be able to access domains.dotgov.gov to make new domain name requests or modifications for a period of time during the maintenance window. All .GOV domain names will resolve normally throughout the maintenance. If you have any questions regarding this maintenance period, please contact us at registrar@dotgov.gov or 877-734-4688.

Customer Support
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E-mail: registrar@dotgov.gov

Determine whether your .gov domain name is signed with DNSSEC using DNSSECAnalyzer.