4 Steps to get your .GOV internet domain registered and activated

1. Complete .GOV Domain Registration at www.dotgov.gov.

  • The name of .GOV domain must be consistent with content.
  • Authorization Letter Template can be found under the Forms tab on the left.
  • Each Point of Contact must be unique if the POC already has a Username on the system just include their name and account Username.
  • Authorization letter must be on official letterhead stationary.
  • Letter must be signed by Agency Head or the CIO.
  • Please fax a copy of the letter to (540) 301-0160 or scan and email to Registrar@dotgov.gov

2. Accounts

  • A .GOV helpdesk representative will create the accounts needed and email the POC to finalize the account and new password.
  • The Content or Administrative POC approves all content (must be a government employee); Technical POC is usually responsible for the DNS or programming.

3. DNS information must be complete

  • Each domain must have at least one domain name Server.
  • Host DNS must be populated before domain activation.

4. Billing POC must pay for the domain with a Credit Card

  • After receipt of the authorization letter and DNS test pass, an email will be generated allowing for the domain to be paid for and activated.

Full instructions are available through the registration process at www.dotgov.gov. The Helpdesk can assist you with any question throughout the registration process at Registrar@dotgov.gov or (877) 734-4688.

Determine whether your .gov domain name is signed with DNSSEC using DNSSECAnalyzer.